Tide, Laundry Detergent Powder 2.8 kg
Tide, Laundry Detergent Powder 2.8 kg
Product Code : WZ31000313
Brand : Tide
Origin : China
Price/Kg : ¥24.8/pc
Packaging specification : 2.8kg
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1080 day(s)
Earn Point : 25
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The packaging for this product changes frequently, and the product you receive may have different packaging from the picture.

Brand Description

In 1933, P&G introduced a detergent called Dreft, but then it could only clean lightly soiled laundry. After much research and hard work, P&G created Tide in 1943. Tide is a detergent that combines synthetic surfactants with "builders," for heavily soiled clothes. The builders help the synthetic surfactants penetrate clothes more deeply to remove more stains. In 1946, P&G introduced Tide in test markets and people made it the best-selling detergent within weeks. The rest is history!

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