Dettol, Liquid Hand Soap (Herbal) 500ml
Dettol, Liquid Hand Soap (Herbal) 500ml
Product Code : WZ31000129
Brand : Dettol
Origin : China
Price/Kg : ¥40/kg
Packaging specification : 500g
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1080 day(s)
Earn Point : 20
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The packaging for this product changes frequently, and the product you receive may have different packaging from the picture.

Brand Description

Launched over 80 years ago, Dettol helps to safeguard the health of families around the world through good hygiene.

Product Description

Using Dettol Hand Wash every day not only provides your skin with a delicate care and fresh fragrance, it also kills 99.9% of bacteria & removes viruses.

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