Stabilo, 'EASYbirdy' Fountain Pen Gift Set (Blue, Violet/Yellow)
Stabilo, 'EASYbirdy' Fountain Pen Gift Set (Blue, Violet/Yellow)
Product Code : WZ32007167
Origin : Czech Republic
Price/Kg : ¥245/pc
Packaging specification : 1pc
Constant temperature  Shelf life 3600 day(s)
Earn Point : 245
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Brand Description

"Stabilo is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of writing instruments. They manufacture their customers' favorite pens and pencils for highlighting, sketching and writing. "

Product Description

The EASYbirdy pen is an easy to use fountainpen designed for school children who want to improve their writing skills. This pen comes in a high quality box, making it an ideal back to school gift.

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