Kinder Joy For Boys x1
Kinder Joy For Boys x1
Product Code : WZ26009260
Brand : Kinder
Origin : Poland
Price/Kg : ¥9/pc
Packaging specification : T1
Constant temperature  Shelf life 300 day(s)
Earn Point : 9
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Brand Description

Kinder was created 60 years ago as a mother’s solution to satisfy the desires of children for something tasty and sweet and mothers’ need for peace of mind, serving products made with quality ingredients, a trusted name and small portions perfect for children. These elements helped to build the trust and reassurance that all mothers have for Kinder.

Product Description

Kinder Joy is a surprise egg made with Kinder Chocolate's secret recipe of "more milk and less cocoa" - tasty milk chocolate on the outside and a lining of milky cream on the inside. Hidden inside every egg is a world of fun and fantasy with real toys and gadgets. You never know what you are going to get: a toy to build and play with, a gadget to create fun, or a special character figurine to collect and make worlds of adventure!


                                        营养成分表 nutrition information
项目/item 每100毫升/per100ml 营养素参考值%/NRV%
能量/energy 449 kJ  
蛋白质/protein 1.8 g  
脂肪/fat 6.2 g  
碳水化合物carbohydrate 11 g  
膳食纤维/dietary fiber 0.3    
钠/sodium 30 mg  

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