EperSelect, Halal Premium Beef Patties 200g
EperSelect, Halal Premium Beef Patties 200g
Product Code : DZ23000096
Origin : China
Price/Kg : ¥100/kg
Packaging specification : 200g
Frozen  Shelf life 240 day(s)
Earn Point : 20
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  • Product Description

Product description

Minced beef steaks are ideal for barbequing and at home burgers. Beef patties are exclusively beef with no additives. With a fine balance of fat and lean meat, it is grounded carefully and processed by our butchers and always satisfying intertnational hygiene standards.

How to prepare

It is recommended to cook beef patties to about 65 ° C especially for young children and the elderly. However, many countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Belgium, food safety organizations, advocate that minced beef must be cooked to 69-71 ° C.

Meat cooked pink is a meat leaving no trace of red

Brand Description

Premium Quality

Ago excellent, and there are exceptional. This is why some of our products are labeled "Premium Quality": these are truly the best products of the highest quality.

What is it that makes them Premium?

Our team produces tasted and tested various products every day. From time to time during transfers of tastings, we meet an exceptional product, which really deserves extra recognition for its unique features such as a special flavour, a memorable texture or even a distinctive colour. In order to highlight these items and help find you among our 7000 products, we have labelled them as 'Premium Quality'.

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