Organic Black Pig Pork Chops 350g
Organic Black Pig Pork Chops 350g
Product Code : CZ23000073
Origin : China
Price/Kg : ¥194/kg
Packaging specification : 350g
Refrigerated  Shelf life 10 day(s)
Earn Point : 68
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Brand Description

"Epermarket's pork comes from Anhui province, where our supplier's pigs are corn-fed and not given any additives or hormones. Pork hocks are characterized by less fat and a leaner meat. With a tender texture, the meat has a supremely fresh and delicious flavor. And thanks to Epermarket's climate-controlled distribution system, it is guaranteed when it gets to your door. "

Product Description

Premium organic Black Pig Pork Shoulder with the bone left in for a deeper flavor. Tender, marbled and perfect for slow braising. From free range, organically fed pigs with absolutely no hormones, antibiotics or chemical additive.

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