Clorox, 'Clean-Up' Cleaner with Bleach 946ml
Clorox, 'Clean-Up' Cleaner with Bleach 946ml
Product Code : WZ31000182
Brand : Clorox
Origin : United States
Price/Kg : ¥73/L
Packaging specification : 946ml
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1440 day(s)
Earn Point : 69
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Brand Description

Clorox is a name synonymous with quality. For over 100 years Cloroz has provided households with products to make them cleaner, safer, and more comfortable. Clorox survived the great depression to become the widest distributer of bleach in the world. During World War II, when chlorine gas was being rationed for the army, Clorox refused to dilute its products with water like other cleaning products, instead deciding toproduce fewer bottles but with higher concentrations, making the company renowned for its commitment to quality. Today that commitment has paid off: Clorox is the most trusted name in cleaning supplies.

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