City gourmet Chasu Fried Rice with Pork 300g
City gourmet Chasu Fried Rice with Pork 300g
Product Code : DZ19681291
Brand : City gourmet
Origin : China
Price/Kg : ¥96.7/kg
Packaging specification : 300g
Frozen  Shelf life 270 day(s)
Earn Point : 26
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Steamed rice (rice, water), pork, green onions, teriyaki sauce [water, soy sauce, white sugar, garlic, glucose syrup, yoghurt (water, rice, rice koji, glucose, edible alcohol), ginger, hibiscus ( Dried squid), black pepper], peas, onions, sunflower oil, teriyaki sauce (composite seasoning), mayonnaise, seaweed flavored pine (sesame, white sugar, seaweed, table salt, maltodextrin, succinic acid) Disodium, 5' a taste nucleotide disodium), black pepper.

Nutrition Information

Per 100g/100 ml or Per Serving
Energy (能量) 1024 kj(千焦) 12 %
Protein (蛋白质) 5.2 g(克) 9 %
Fat(脂肪) 12.6 g(克) 21 %
Carbohydrate(碳水化合物) 27.6 g(克) 9 %
Sodium(钠) 421 mg(毫克) 21 %

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