Gillardeau N.1 Oysters 24 Pcs
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Gillardeau N.1 Oysters 24 Pcs
Product Code : CZ18605406
Origin : France
Packaging specification : 24pcs
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It was at the end of the nineteenth century in the heart of Marennes-Oléron Basin that this adventure began when young Henry Gillardeau developed a passion for oyster farming. By putting his name on the label, he was in fact the first oyster farmer to embark on oyster production quality. The saga continued into the forties, with Jean Gillardeau and his wife. The Maison Gillardeau has since become an institution that is synonymous with excellence. Being enterprising, rising to challenges, innovating were to become a way of life for Gerard Gillardeau. At the beginning of the 70s, he embarked upon a new venture. His goal was to create the Gillardeau.In 1978, it happened: the Gillardeau came into being. Its flavour was exceptional and its success immediate. Thanks to its consistently high quality, it is now part of our gastronomic heritage.

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Gillardeau is the only grower family named oysters, this meat is plump oysters, shellfish and there is not much water, but there will be more obvious after the entrance of salty seawater, and then slowly turned fruity sweet, the taste is very rich, but also the mouth the wine connoisseurs oysters oysters most like. In general,the Gillardeau oysters,on average,each would need to go through at least 4 years, a total of 59 road Seiko culture procedures to the market. Special Gillardeau hasn’t a long history of relatively. But It is the concave shell oysters occupied a great proportion in today’s France.

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