Spread The Bagel Sesame Bagel 2pcs
Spread The Bagel Sesame Bagel 2pcs
Product Code : DZ18555182
Brand : Spread the bagel
Origin : China
Packaging specification : 120g*2
Frozen  Shelf life 90 day(s)
Earn Point : 27
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Storage Conditions

frozen storage in -18°


Wheat Flour, Water, Maltose, Malt Flour, Salt, Corn Oil, Yeast, Protein Liquid, white sesame, Food Additive (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Nutrition Information

Items Per 100g/100 ml or Per Serving NRV%
项目 每100克(g)或100毫升(ml)或每份 营养素参考值%
Energy (能量) 1265 kj(千焦) 14 %
Protein (蛋白质) 10.8 g(克) 18 %
Fat(脂肪) 5.6 g(克) 9 %
Carbohydrate(碳水化合物) 54.5 g(克) 17 %
Sodium(钠) 644 mg(毫克) 32 %



Heat up after Unfreeze

Brand Description

Since 2010, Spread the Bagel has established itself as the premier artisanal bagel name in Shanghai. To this day Spread the Bagel is committed to serving only the best bagels, Over five years later, STB is proud to offer Shanghai a delicious piece of New York. Spread the Bagel is QS-certified at its own factory and welcomes partnerships with 5-star hotels, bagel shops, grocery stores, retail chains, airlines, international school, and cafes and restaurants. Spread the Bagel’s team consists of professional and experienced bagel makers who are following an old school New York recipe that has been tested and applauded by both locals, the Jewish community and New Yorkers alike.

Product Description

Sesame bagels are perfect for those looking for a healthier alternative whilst satisfying a knack for deliciousness. White, black or double sesame is optional

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