Superior White Quinoa 500g
Superior White Quinoa 500g
Product Code : WZ18418767
Origin : China
Price/Kg : ¥90/kg
Packaging specification : 500g
Constant temperature  Shelf life 365 day(s)
Earn Point : 45
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Storage Conditions

Please store in a cool, dry place with pouch tightly sealed.


white quinoa…

Nutrition Information

Per 100g/100 ml or Per Serving
项目 每100克(g)或100毫升(ml)或每份 营养素参考值% 
Energy (能量) 1540 kj(千焦) 18 %
Protein (蛋白质) 14.1 g(克) 24 %
Fat(脂肪) 4.5 g(克) 8 %
Carbohydrate(碳水化合物) 64.2 g(克) 21 %
Sodium(钠) 0 mg(毫克) 0 %

Cooking Instructions

Rinse Quinoa.Combine 1/2 cup Quinoa with 1 cup water or broth in a pot.Bring to a boil.Turn heat on low,cover and cook for 15 minutes.


Brand Description

From the humble beginning, the founder Sam Ji, a veteran promoter of healthy grain and legumes in USA, brought wild rice to China in 2004 for the very first time. Ever since, he has put tremendous efforts to educate the Chinese market for both its gourmet values and its superb health benefits along with other “super grains” and legumes. China has become one of the largest wild rice consumption countries in the world just in the recent years. Its Superior Wild Rice has been the most popular wild rice brand in the Chinese market. They have built a reputation for doing things the right way; right for their customer, for their suppliers, for their community, and for the earth, the roots of which stem from values instilled in the early days of the company.

Product Description

Black Quinoa is a protein-packed alternative to rice or couscous. The darker hue has a crunchier texture and higher fibre content than its white cousin. It has a slightly nutty flavor and is a gluten-free grain. Black quinoa contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and many dietary minerals. Black Quinoa makes delicious savory and sweet dishes and can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, or even for a snack.

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