Beghin Say La Perruche, Pure Cane (Amber Rough-cut) 750g
Beghin Say La Perruche, Pure Cane (Amber Rough-cut) 750g
Product Code : WZ07531009
Brand : Beghin Say
Origin : France
Price/Kg : ¥122.7/kg
Packaging specification : 750g
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1800 day(s)
Earn Point : 92
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Storage Conditions

Room Temperature


Red sugar, caramel syrup

Nutrition Information

Per 100g/100 ml or Per Serving
Energy (能量) 1700 kj(千焦) 20 %
Protein (蛋白质) 0 g(克) 0 %
Fat(脂肪) 0 g(克) 0 %
Carbohydrate(碳水化合物) 100 g(克) 33 %
Sodium(钠) 0 mg(毫克) 0 %

Brand Description

La Perruche is the fruit of a family saga based in Nantes: the delicious secret recipe was invented in 1828 in André Cossé's confectionery workshop. In 1856, two Cossé sons took up the torch and created a refinery in Nantes. They continued to manufacture the traditional sugars with the authentic flavours and fragrances of the tropical islands, without changing their father's original recipe.

Product Description

These premium quality sugar cubes have a rich and perfumed taste with hints of honey and vanilla. They dissolve quickly and uniformly, making them perfect for coffee or tea. La Perruche sugar contains essential nutrients not found in highly processed sugar, contributing to a more healthy and balanced diet. 

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