Elders Mince Beef 500g
Elders Mince Beef 500g
Product Code : DZ18995410
Brand : Elders
Origin : Australia
Price/Kg : ¥138/kg
Packaging specification : 500g
Frozen  Shelf life 360 day(s)
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  • Product Description

Product description

The best selections of beef cuts are finely minced to create a smooth and even texture for all recipes. Our ground meats are carefully processed by our butchers and always satisfy intertnational hygiene standards.

How to prepare

Ground beef is an all time favorite for all members of the family. Easy to prepare with spices and herbs, ground beef is ideal for making hamburger patties and meatloaves. Used in diverse cuisines in Asia, Europe and the Americas, ground beef is high in absorbency for flavors and sauces, making it the perfect choice for healthy protein.

Brand Description


Have you ever seen the 'Exclusive' label on some of our products? You certainly wonder what that means exactly. Let us explain more in details!

Hard to find China products

All our items labeled 'Exclusive' are hard to find in China products. Some of them are specific meat cuts or unique cheese, others are marks you which you trust, and that you are missing on a daily basis. As expatriates ourselves, we know your needs and went to look at the source these special products!

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