EperSelect, Fourme d'Ambert AOP DISCHAMP 65g
EperSelect, Fourme d'Ambert AOP DISCHAMP 65g
Product Code : CZ18307784
Origin : France
Price/Kg : ¥569/kg
Packaging specification : 65g
Refrigerated  Shelf life 7 day(s)
Earn Point : 37
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Brand Description

Brand Description It was Jean Dischamp in 1911 who, son of a breeder, took over a cheese business in Clermont-Ferrand. Today, the third generation continues the tradition of master refiner of the grandfather and the father in Sayat, small village, between Clermont-Ferrand and Volvic at the foot of the regional park of volcanoes of Auvergne. "

Product Description

Product Description It is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese with veined cheese. It is in the form of a blue-gray cylinder similar to stone and weighs about 2 kg. Its paste is white to cream, soft texture, with regular openings, marbling ranging from blue to green. The Fourme d'Ambert contains rustic and very fragrant aromas.

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