EperSelect, Provolone Dolce 100g
EperSelect, Provolone Dolce 100g
Product Code : CZ18469565
Brand : Ambrosi
Origin : Italy
Price/Kg : ¥360/kg
Packaging specification : 100g
Refrigerated  Shelf life 7 day(s)
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Carefully Selected by Mr. Cheese & Company

Mr. Cheese & Company (MCC) opens up your taste buds with carefully selected top quality specialty cheeses from all over the world. Let Mr. Cheese & Company (MCC) guide you with their expert knowledge through recipes and food pairings to help you bring out each cheese's best flavors. Keep following MCC to discover the enchanting world of cheese!

Product Description

This cheese is native to Campania in northern Italy where it was originally made with buffalo milk. This cheese is a partially cooked cow's milk cheese, with has a thin white or pale yellow crust that is covered with wax or sometimes does not have a crust. The cheese is a beautiful ivory color and is supple with a slightly stringy texture. Its sweet taste and texture make it a very good choice for grilling, but it can also be enjoyed in a panini, diced as an aperitif or served as is with nuts and fruit.

Brand Description

Hand-selected and taste-test approved, we have searched far and wide to give you the best selection of cheese available. All of our cheese is prepared in a sterile environment with German equipment that uses classic European techniques. Carefully selected for you, an Epermarket exclusive!

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