Overseas Snacks Gift Box
Overseas Snacks Gift Box
Product Code : TC17639369
Price/Kg : ¥595/Set
Constant temperature  
Earn Point : 490
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Product Description 

Lindt, 'Lindor' Chocolate Truffles (Assorted) x50 600g
Brookfarm, 'Walkabout Mix' Nightcap Ranges Trail Mix 75g
Brookfarm, 'Entertainer Brothers Blend' Mixed Nuts 75g
Doritos, Tortilla Chips (Nacho Cheese) 198.4g
Sun Chips, Multigrain Chips (Harvest Cheddar) 184.2g
Loacker, 'Quadratini' Bite Size Wafer Cookies (Raspberry Yogurt) 220g
Kambly, 'Bretzeli' Original Cookie Recipe 98g
LU, Petit Ecolier Extra Dark 150g
Gavottes, Dessert Assortment with Fan and Rolled Wafers 100g
Tootsie Roll, 'Fruit Chews' Chewy Candies Gift Box (Assorted) 652g
Ocean Spray, 'Craisins' Dried Cranberries (Blueberry Juice Infused) 170g

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