Petit Zebre, Baby Fabric Wash 1000ml
Petit Zebre, Baby Fabric Wash 1000ml
Product Code : WZ17799871
Brand : Petit zèbre
Origin : Switzerland
Packaging specification : 1000ml
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1080 day(s)
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Storage Conditions

Please place the product in a cool place.


5-15% nonionic surfactant, 5% soap, 5% anionic surfactant, flavor, preservative (benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone), apple extract

How to use

Hand wash 15-30ml, machine wash 30-60ml, according to the amount of cleaning the amount of use. After use, rinse until the bubble disappears.

Allergen information

This product will stimulate the eyes, please put in the children outside the touch. If the eye into the eye, please rinse with water for several minutes, such as wearing contact lenses, please remove, continue to rinse the eyes.

Brand Description

"By using plant origin ingredients, we develop biodegradable formula to protet the Earth and future! A better future is the greatest gift to give your children. Readily biodegradable 99% in 14 days (according to OECD 302B),Not only it is good for you & your baby, but also it is good for the environment too. AHA No Allergens certificated. Swiss Made/ Non-allergenic/ Non-aggressive chemicals/ Non-irritation/ Biodegradable laboratory tested"

Product Description

"Petit zèbre guarantees that NON of the harmful chemicals are found in our safe baby detergent 。 Petit zèbre natural baby detergent is extremely gentle on your baby's sensitive skin thanks to: Our best plant-based ingredients Our mild & gentle formula with its pH-neutral 。Effective stain fighters Powerful to remove the most soiled and toughest baby food stains (carrot puree, pea puree, tomato sauce)"

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