LC Living, Acacia Wood Handle-shape Cutting Board (L) x1
LC Living, Acacia Wood Handle-shape Cutting Board (L) x1
Product Code : TP32008195
Origin : Thailand
Constant temperature  Shelf life 3600 day(s)
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"Use: All products can be in direct contact with food. It’s recommended to separate the cutting board for raw and cooked food to avoid tainting. Clean: washing by clean water and drying in the air or by dry cloth. Don’t excessively use disinfectant or detergent, etc., to prevent the secondary pollution caused to the solid wood; Maintenance: when the surface becomes rough after a period of time, please brush the edible oil on it, preferable walnut oil."


It is forbidden to soak the product with water for a long time, otherwise it may cause the product to crack. No outdoor exposure. No use in refrigerator, dishwasher, oven or microwave. It is strictly prohibited to contain hot soup and hot water. All cutting boards are designed according to household strength, not suitable for high-intensity severe chopping. Do not punch in the product and install the hook, or such acts will damage the product. It is strictly forbidden to clean products with hard objects such as steel balls.

Brand Description

The best Acacia Brand from Thailand. For more than 100 years, generations of people have produced the high-end Acacia wood goods, including cutting boards, plates, bowls, stationery and a series of Acacia wood household goods. LC Living brand always adheres to a few principles: 1) natural beauty is better than artificial beauty, and products keep the greatest degree of Acacia wood texture; 2) natural material is better than man-made material, and products use the maximum natural materials; 3) we care consumers while designing and produce goods that meet their needs and bring them happiness.

Product Description


"Specially selected the hardest part of Thailand natural Acacia with average more than 10 years old, which is more long-lasting and its resilience can better protect the knife edge. 15 degree north ""golden origin"" is called the "" Bordeaux of the Acacia origin"", with oveall 3500 hours of sunlight time per year, produces best quality Acacia. Over a hundred year inherited non-seam jointing technics, putting wood together by natural Thai latex, complicated craftwork, strong, natural and healthy. Groove design with care to avoid the spill of vegetable and fruit juice, 2cm thickness, light and easy to use. No odor, not easy to get mildewed, and not easy to get scaling-off. Beautiful natural grain, vivid and elegant. Suitable to go with boneless meat, cooked food, vegetable and fruits, best use ceramic knives. Protected with a layer of vegetable oil on the surface as factory setting, it will occur while knife marks as the protection layer destroyed when first used. This is normal. The knife marks will be lightened or disappear when smeared with vegetable oil in time after using."

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