Perrier, Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 330ml x4
Perrier, Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 330ml x4
Product Code : WZ28007206
Brand : Perrier
Origin : France
Packaging specification : 330ml*4
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1080 day(s)
Earn Point : 28
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Storage Conditions

store in a cool,dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Nutrition Information


Mineral Contentmg/L

Ca2+ 160



Free CO2:>250




Total Dissolved Solids480

Brand Description

One of the most famous brands in the world, sparkling Perrier water gushes forth from the earth at the Vergeze spring, and is sold in over 140 countries worldwide. Bottled at its source in France, Perrier is a naturally sparkling and pure water with the perfect mix of natural carbonation and minerals. Perrier is a 100% natural, refreshing drink. No sugar, no caffeine, no calories.

Product Description

Perrier is a natural sparkling mineral water that is well known throughout the world. Famous for its elegantly-shaped green bottle, Perrier is the ultimate refreshment to quench all thirsts.

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