Klar, Floor Cleaner 500ml
Klar, Floor Cleaner 500ml
Product Code : WZ32008158
Brand : Klar
Origin : Germany
Price/Kg : ¥138/l
Packaging specification : 500ml
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1800 day(s)
Earn Point : 69
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Storage Conditions

Please store in a cool, dry place


above 5% nonionic surfactant below 5%, soap, water, alcohol, sodium citrate, lactose.

Product Attribute

Klar floor cleaner would add a protection layer for floor to polish the floor.


10ml liquid for 5L water, may add a little for hard water.

Product Description

Klar Floor Cleaner forms a thin protection layer, that can be refurbished easily.

 Klar Floor Cleaner is suitable for unglazed ceramics, stone floors, linoleum, waxed, oiled or sealed wooden floors or cork, PVC, CV or gum.

Please use Klar Universal Cleaner for varnished surfaces or for laminate.

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