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Klar, Fabric Softener 1L
Klar, Fabric Softener 1L
Product Code : WZ32008153
Brand : Klar
Origin : Germany
Price/Kg : ¥98/l
Packaging specification : 1L
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1800 day(s)
Price :¥98.00¥79.00
Product Description

Storage Conditions

Please store in a cool, dry place


5%-15% cationic surfacant,water, isopropanol,citric acid.

Product Attribute

Klar softener makes clothes extremely soft and no aromatic materials added.


15ml liquid with 5L water for hand washing

Product Description

Klar fabric softener makes the laundry cuddly soft entirely without scent and makes the skin feeling good. Dose directly into the compartment of the fabric softener. Unsuitable for micro fibres and for functional clothing. Do not put directly on the laundry.

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