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Beillevaire Cubed Comte Cheese Aged 30 to 36 months PDO 180g
Beillevaire Cubed Comte Cheese Aged 30 to 36 months PDO 180g
Product Code : CZ22007389
Brand : Beillevaire
Origin : France
Price/Kg : ¥600/kg
Packaging specification : 180g
Refrigerated  Shelf life 7 day(s)
Earn Point : 108
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  • Product Description

Product Description

Considered as the King of the French cheeses, the Comte PDO is produced is the Jura mountains in the East of France. In Beillevaire we only select our Comte from summer and spring production and we mature them in a specific natural stone cellar so that to obtain a unique quality. Our Comte 30-36 months, is perfectly matured during three years and has a smooth and buttery texture with crispy milk “crystals” called tyrosine. Those tyrosine “crystals” are the result of the milk proteins transformation over time by a good and long maturation.

Brand Description

Beillevaire is a family company founded in 1980 by Pascal Beillevaire, an ex-farmer who decided to combine his two passions: agriculture and trade. Then, Pascal Beillevaire decided to travel around France to find the best artisan and farmhouse cheeses. Beillevaire is now offering a range of 300 cheeses including 20 unique homemade cheeses and more than 150 dairy products (cream, butter, yoghurts…).This is a story of women and men all passionate about traditional cheeses and dairy products.

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