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Sabatino, Black Truffle Oil 100ml
Sabatino, Black Truffle Oil 100ml
Product Code : WZ25007327
Origin : Italy
Price/Kg : ¥1250/kg
Packaging specification : 100ml*12
Constant temperature  Shelf life 720 day(s)
Earn Point : 125
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Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature

Brand Description

Our company was founded in 1911 when Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppina opened their first store in Umbria, Italy. Over the years, Sabatino & Giuseppina continued in their efforts to create a company that was able to deliver to their customers the value and delicacy of those same local products. At that time, they introduced truffles. Their goal was to provide customers with fresh, high quality products without compromising. These same philosophies have been transferred over to three generations within our family and today is the core of a one hundred years old company: SABATINO TARTUFI.

Today, Sabatino is a large agricultural company with modern production laboratories, and a widespread network throughout Italy. Through a rigorous selection process, we evaluate each product for both the best quality and flavor.

Our vision and philosophy has always been to provide the freshest products, while preserving our lands. Sabatino&Co means not only to us, but to you, our consumer.

Product Description

Our Truffle Honey takes all the appeal of honey one step further. The raw Honey is made by bees using the acacia flower; its taste is mild and flowery. Infused with our Black Truffles, it is a fun addition to your kitchen and can be used for meat glazing, crepe dressing, and cheese, spread over fruit, cake or as a topping for ice cream and sorbet!

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