Danish Crown, Pork Softbone 400g
Danish Crown, Pork Softbone 400g
Product Code : DZ27007067
Origin : Denmark
Price/Kg : ¥105/kg
Packaging specification : 400g
Frozen  Shelf life 360 day(s)
Earn Point : 42
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Brand Description

Formed in the Horsens region of Denmark in 1887 by a cooperative of 500 farmers, Danish Crown has over 125 years of pork rearing experience and is the largest meat-processing company in Europe.

Product Description

The pork collar is a well muscled and very flavorful cut of meat, with a lot more fat than the pork shoulder, and yet still a lot less fat than the pork belly. Arguably, tastier and juicer than a pork chop, it's great for grilling, braising, and slow smoky barbecuing.

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