Bastides Dry Cured Salami 250g
Bastides Dry Cured Salami 250g
Product Code : CZ21000748
Brand : Bastides
Origin : France
Price/Kg : ¥264/kg
Packaging specification : 250g
Refrigerated  Shelf life 150 day(s)
Earn Point : 66
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Pork 96.4%, edible salt, lactose, spices, glucose, white sugar, potassium nitrate, Lactobacillus plantarum.

Nutrition Information

Per 100g/100 ml or Per Serving
Energy (能量) 1820 kj(千焦) 22 %
Protein (蛋白质) 32.1 g(克) 54 %
Fat(脂肪) 33.2 g(克) 55 %
Carbohydrate(碳水化合物) 1.3 g(克) 0 %
Sodium(钠) 1960 mg(毫克) 98 %

Brand Description

Set up in 1962 in the Bastide of Villefranche de Rouergue, in the heart of the Aveyron region, SACOR is a key player among the regional producers of dry cured meats in the South-West of France. With the Bastides Salaisons range of products, SACOR aims at proposing products based on recipes and traditions of its region, showing commitment to transparent, respectful methods, which combine reliability in production with a quest for quality and flavour. SACOR is a family business managed by Jean-Paul and Jocelyne TOURNOIS.

Product Description ​

Bastides Dry Cured Salami are made exclusively from fresh meats that are carefully boned and trimmed in their workshop. The meat is first minced with a grinder, then carefully seasoned before stuffed into natural pork casings. Each salami is matured for over 21 days for a full robust flavour and is hand-brushed before packaging so the quality of the salami can be easily seen by consumers.

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