Topcut, Wagyu Beef Patties x2 150g
Topcut, Wagyu Beef Patties x2 150g
Product Code : DZ21000056
Origin : Australia
Price/Kg : ¥150/kg
Packaging specification : 150g*2
Frozen  Shelf life 360 day(s)
Earn Point : 45
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Storage Conditions


Shelf life

270 days

Product description

Minced beef steaks are ideal for barbequing and at home burgers. Beef patties are exclusively beef with no additives. Grass-fed with a fine balance of fat and lean meat, it is grounded carefully and processed by our butchers and always satisfying international hygiene standards.

How to prepare

To achieve medium cooked patties, sear both sides on high heat for 30 seconds, then lower to a medium heat for 2 minutes. Always season before cooking.

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