Tratto, Ballpen (Orange) *1
Tratto, Ballpen (Orange) *1
Product Code : WZ32000839
Brand : TRATTO
Origin : Italy
Price/Kg : ¥15/pc
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1095 day(s)
Earn Point : 15
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Brand Description

Design, innovation, technology and functionality come together in the Tratto Pen, the pen-marker par excellence, travel companion and every day writing instrument, a symbol of Italian creativity since 1975. The Tratto Pen originated from the need to develop a pen model in which an entirely innovative tip from Japan could be inserted. Design Group Italia, the firm founded by Marco Del Corno specialised in offering new styles with classic features, was contacted to develop the project. The goal was to create a first-rate pen for writing, aesthetically attractive and capable of establishing an emotional tie with the consumer. And this goal was reached from the very start. Thanks to its simple, linear and essential appearance, the Tratto Pen has always been a well-loved and a very popular pen.

Product Description

erasable ink ball pen with built-in highly resistant double eraser,erasable within 24h.

Never-ending! Imagine 2000 metres of soft, fast writing with a smooth line and immediate response. Just rotate the cap to release the tip. Ideal for those who love elegant, clear, clean writing.

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