Finish, Dishwasher Rinse Aid 500ml
Finish, Dishwasher Rinse Aid 500ml
Product Code : WZ32009417
Brand : Finish
Origin : China
Price/Kg : ¥84/l
Packaging specification : 500ml
Constant temperature  Shelf life 1080 day(s)
Earn Point : 39
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Brand Description

Finish is the #1 recommended dishwasher brand worldwide and has been at the forefront of automatic dishwashing for over 60 years. Their line of products is the most recommended brand by dishwasher manufacturers.

Product Description

Simply fill your rinse aid dispenser with Finish rinse aid and it will be automatically released in the rinse cycle every time your dishwasher runs. It works with your detergent to rinse away stubborn leftover food, spots, and film for sparkling dishes, glasses and utensils.

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