Lavazza, AAA Capsule Coffee Machine 3A-C225
Lavazza, AAA Capsule Coffee Machine 3A-C225
Product Code : WZ32019180
Brand : Lavazza
Origin : China
Packaging specification : 台
Constant temperature  
Earn Point : 1038
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Brand Description

AAA were founded in 2004 and specialize in the production of coffee machines. With their dedication to excellent engineering, professional laboratory testing, exceptional quality control and reliable after sale service, they are confident they can achieve their goal of being the leading coffee machine brand in China.

Product Description

This one button coffee capsule machine with Italian technology is both compact and stylish. Get your espresso quickly and easily with the 3A-c225. Water heating is fast and efficient meaning you can enjoy your espresso in just a few seconds. Compatible with Lavazza coffee capsules.

After-sale service

For customer service, please call 13817080547 between 9:00-19:00 UTC Monday to Friday. And the issue should be resolved within 3 business days.

400 776 0776(08:00-20:00)