Mexican Avocados (Ready to Eat) x2  440g
Mexican Avocados (Ready to Eat) x2 440g
Product Code : CZ21000948
Origin : Mexico
Price/Kg : ¥90.9/kg
Packaging specification : 2pcs(300g-330g)
Refrigerated  Shelf life 2 day(s)
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Nutritional Facts

Buttery & nutritious; Supports immune system health; Eat fresh or make into guacamole.

Product Details

The avocado flesh is hard when harvested and takes about six to nine days to ripen and soften to a buttery texture. Next to the olive, the avocado is the second fruit with the highest monounsaturated fatty acids content at 20%. This amounts to almost twenty times that of any other fruit. A majority of the fat content is the health-promoting monounsaturated fats, followed by smaller amounts of polyunsaturated and saturated fats.


※To maintain optimum condition, remove the avocados from their packaging and do not refrigerate.  

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