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Epermarket User Agreement 



I. Confirmation and acceptance of website service terms
Welcome to the website of Epermarket (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). The ownership and operating license of this website belong to Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Co., Ltd.


Please read carefully the Agreement, Statements and Instructions of Epermarket Website (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement"), before you register as a member of this website.


When a user successfully registers and becomes a member of this website, it is deemed that the user has completely read, fully understood, voluntarily accepted this Agreement, confirmed that the terms of this Agreement is to deal with the agreement of both sides’ rights and obligations which are always effective (otherwise stipulated by laws or otherwise agreed upon by both sides), and has agreed to use all the services provided by the website of Epermarket (including the services updated and modified by this website from time to time). If a user does not agree on any part of this Agreement, please do not apply for registration as a member of this website or immediately cease using this website, and apply for canceling your membership account.

II. Profile and statement of services
To ensure that the users can completely and accurately understand the contents of this Agreement, and legitimately and effectively implement various behaviors, the user of this website must be a natural person with full civil rights and civil capacity or an existing entity established in accordance with laws, with legal business status. An organization without civil capacity, with limited disposing capacity, and without operating or specific operating qualification shall not register as a member of this website or carry out transactions with this website on matters exceeding its civil capacity or disposing capacity. If it deals with this website, the benefits shall be ineffective. The website is entitled to immediately terminate transaction with the user, cancel its membership account, and request the user to compensate this website or a third party for any losses arising therefrom.

III. License and access to website
The Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company grants a user limited admittance and individuals to use this website. Without express written consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, it users are not allowed to download (except page caching) or modify the website or any part thereof. The license does not include resale or commercial use, or any collection of this website or its contents, use of product catalog, descriptions and prices, any derivative use of this website or its contents, any downloading or copy of account information for other business interests, or use of any data collection, Robots or similar data collection and extraction tools. Without written permission of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, it is strictly prohibited to obtain contents of this website, to directly or indirectly create or edit collections, compilation, database or records of names and addresses (whether or not through Robots, Spiders, automatic instrument or manual operation). In addition, it is strictly prohibited to use the contents and materials of this website for any purposes expressly permitted by the use conditions.


Without express written consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, anyone may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, visit, or otherwise make use of this website or any part thereof for any commercial purposes. Without express written consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, users may not appropriate the trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, website design, or form) of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company or its associated enterprises through frame or using frame for oneself. Without consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, users may not use our name or trademark in the manner of Meta Tags or any other form of "hidden text". Any unauthorized use will terminate permission or license granted by the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company. Limited, revocable and nonexclusive right to establish hyperlink connecting to the home page of this website is granted under the premise that the link does not describe the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company and its associated enterprises or their products and services by false, misleading, derogatory, or other offensive ways. Without express written permission of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, a user cannot use any logo or other proprietary logo or trademark as part of the link. 

IV. Member mechanism
Before a user completes registration at this website as a member of the website, the user is just an ordinary user of this website. After registered as a member of the website, the user can really enjoy richer and more thoughtful services of this website.


User registration: user registration means the process that a user opens the website, fills out the information as required, and confirms agreeing with the service agreement. All payable taxes arising from transactions or access to paid services shall be borne by user. Users registering on behalf of other natural person or entity as an agent must provide the website with detailed materials, information, and authorized written document of the agent and principal. If the aforesaid information or document is not provided to this website, the register will be regarded as the member.


Membership levels: upon successful registration, a user becomes a regular member of the website; when the user’s accumulated consumption at this website reaches over 20,000 points over a period of 6 months, the user upgrades to a gold member of the website; when the annual accumulated consumption reaches over 40,000 points over the period of 6 months, the user upgrades to a platinum member; top up bonus points are also included in the consumption amount; computing time is measured by calendar year (the first total mark of consumption is 6 consecutive months by accumulated points), points are recalculated after 6 months, and membership level remains for 6 months.


Rights and interests of members: after becoming a member of this website, the users will have the opportunity to receive occasional coupons and gifts presented by us to the users, returned proportional integrals by level, change to participate in occasional club activities for free (wine tasting, new product tasting, etc.), specific promotional activities, free special services (such premium delivery services) and other concessions.


EperClub Points Store: all points store products are purchased overseas as a free gift for members to exchange points, and will not be sold on this website.


V. Member conduct
This website agreement is a fixed part of the website. When a user visits this website, this Agreement will be unconditionally applicable, and constitute an agreement between the user and this website (visiting and use referred to in this agreement include but not limited to reading, browsing, link , registration, order, etc.). Whether active or passive, when a user opens any page of this website, it constitutes use and the user must accept the terms of this Agreement. If a user does not agree on or cannot accept this Agreement in whole or in part, please immediately cease to access or use this website. If a user uses this website, it means that the user agrees to undertake responsibility for all activities under this user’s account and password. If a user is under the age of 18, as a minor, the user can only browse or read the contents of this website.


This Agreement is in accordance with relevant laws and rules of the state. Members agree to comply with and corporate with the following terms:
1. Do not use all the relevant services of this website to engage in illegal behaviors.
2. Do not engage in acts interfering with or disrupting relevant servers or network, or illegal enter into other computer systems. 
3. Comply with the network protocols, regulations, procedures and policies relevant to services of the website as stipulated by Chinese laws and regulations. Do not infringe on this website’ and any other third party's copyright, trademark, patent, right of reputation and any other lawful interests.
4. Do not harm the interests of the website in any form. Without authorization or permission of the website, any units and individuals shall not, in the name of this website, engage in any commercial activities, or treat this website as a place, platform or other form of media to engage in various illegal activities. Violators violating laws shall undertake the consequences by themselves. This website does not assume any responsibility.
5. Do not enter this website's computer information network; do not use computer information network resources; or do not delete, modify or add data stored, processed, or transmitted or application procedures. Do not delete, modify or add the computer information network functions of this website.
6. Do not produce, spread computer viruses, or destruct program through other means.
7. Do not engage in other behaviors hazarding the security of computer information network.
8. Do not interfere with or confuse services of this website, as well as website of other users of this website in any way.
9. Do not post illegal, obscene, threatening, libelous, privacy-invasive, intellectual property rights-infringing, publicly annoying comments, opinions or other contents, or comments, opinions or other contents harming or violating third parties in other forms. Do not include software viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings or any form of "junk mail."
10. Do not use false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity or otherwise mislead the source of pictures or other contents. The website reserves the right (but not obligation) to remove or edit such contents, but not conducts regular reviews on the contents posted.
11. A member shall not steal account or password of others. This website will deal with such violations, if any. The consequences will be undertaken by the member.
12. A user at the same time pledges not to provide any convenience for others’ release of information which does not comply with the provisions of the state and / or agreement of the service terms, including but not limited to setting URL, BANNER link, etc. User acknowledges that this website is entitled to terminate provision of services to the user when the user has the aforesaid violations and compensate for the losses to the website arising from the aforesaid behaviors of the user.


The website is entitled to review and supervise user’s use of this website (including but not limited to reviewing the contents stored by user in this website). If a member’s behavior is incompatible with the service terms mentioned above, this website will make independent judgment and is entitled to require the member to correct or directly take all necessary measures (including but not limited to, change or delete relevant contents, suspend or terminate its right to use this website, or even immediately abolish all services for the member), without the member's consent, in order to reduce the impact of the member due to the misconduct. If a member spreads and disseminates reactionary, pornographic or other information violating the law of the state on this website, the system records of this website may be evidence proving the member’s violation of law.


If this website suffers disputes, litigations and claims from a third party due to a member’s use of this website, member agrees to compensate this website and its associated enterprises and employees for corresponding losses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) and to try to protect this website against harm.  

VI. User’s rights and obligations 
1. A user is entitled to have a member account and password on this website, and to use the member's account name and password to visit this website to purchase goods or other services, and is entitled to accept corresponding technical support, consulting and other services when this website provides services. Member shall not transfer or authorize others to use its own website membership account in any form.
2. A member user is entitled to, according to the provisions of this Agreement and the rules posted on this website, to check product information on this website, publish user experience, participate in commodity discussions, refer friends, upload pictures in permissible areas, participate in the website’s related activities, as well as enjoy other information services provided by this website.
3. A member user has the obligation to provide its real information in registration and shopping by phone and ensure the validity and authenticity of contents such as e-mail address, telephone, contact address, and zip code, to ensure that this website can contact with the member through the aforesaid contacting ways. At the same time, a member also has obligations to update relevant registration information in a timely manner in the event of change in relevant information, and ensure not to register or purchase goods on this website by use of others’ materials. 
4. A user should ensure to comply with the principle of good faith in the process of purchasing goods on this website, not to take improper behaviors in the buying process, and not to disturb the normal order of online transactions. 
5. A user can enjoy rebates according to the integral rules of this website after becoming a member of this website. For the details, please refer to the relevant information as it is announced on the website. Instructions are provided by the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company. The rules, together with the terms and conditions related to the rules, constitute an entire agreement between the user and this website. By accepting this agreement, it means that you accept the terms and conditions as it is stated in the instructions.
6. The website reserves the right to terminate provision of services to a user, without refunding and with claim, when a user infringes the intellectual property rights of this website.
7. A user shall undertake responsibility for all consequences arising from mistake in the website’s provision of contact ways and from poor security and stability of e-mail for accepting emails of this website, including but not limited to consequences and losses arising from user's failure to timely receipt of notice of this website.
8. A member shall pledge to comply with all other provisions and procedures of this website.

VII. Privacy and security
This website has passed the detection of its information security system. At the same time, this website, by industry advanced technical means and network architecture, carry out backup, monitoring, detection and prevention on this website on a regular basis, to ensure that this website does not contain viruses, Trojan horses, bad plug-ins and malicious program, making the system runs safely and smoothly, thus to provide customers with stable and reliable network environment. But for linked third-party websites and pages, the website is not responsible for ensuring their safety.


For hacker attacks, malicious code embedding, and other malicious acts: we reserve the right of all complaints and recovery of compensation, including but not limited to direct, indirect or incidental punitive and consequential damages.


Our security policy: strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Ministry of Information Industry, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and adopt all the technical means to ensure security of network using.


The collection and use of user information: We guarantee to take all appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent access to or use of user's personal information by any unauthorized third party.


In the event of the following conditions, we reserve the right to conditionally use part of the personal information of user (except member account information):
1. Provide user with customer support for personal information which must be shared with a third party, return and replacement of goods, and other services, to provide the goods and services required by user;
2. Provide user with the website’s goods, services, gifts and the latest information on promotional activities from time to time;
3. Seek the views of user at any time;
4. Prepare the website’s statistics materials;
5. User authorizes the website to disclose such information;
6. Corresponding legal and procedural requirements require this website to provide user’s personal information;
7. For the protection of the Company’s property and interests;
8. To protect personal and property safety of other members or third parties;
9. This website will not sell or arbitrarily provide a third party (individual or company group) with user’s registration information. But with regard to activities organized or co-organized by this website, such as promotional activities, due to the dispatching of gifts or contact, this website is entitled to use part of user’s information;
10. For personal data logged on or retained by a user, the user agrees to allow the Company and the Company's affiliates or partners to collect, process, preserve, transfer, and use such materials, within the extent permitted by law, to provide the user with additional information or services, as member statistics materials or conducting surveys or studies of network behaviors;
11. Other disclosure that this website deems as appropriate according to laws or policy of this website.


Member Account Security: This website’s user account is protected by password. Once a user registers successfully and becomes a legitimate member of this website, he has a member name and password. Please safely keep the information and make restrictions on the user’s computer to ensure start and end of account use. A user may modify user account login password at any time according to the prompts, and bear all and important responsibilities for security of member name and password. If a user finds personal information disclosure, especially disclosure of account and password of this website, or discovery of any unauthorized use of User ID or security problems, please immediately contact customer service of this website, so that we can take appropriate measures. If a user fails to comply with this agreement and suffer any loss (without written consent of this website, the user shall bear all the consequences resulting from unauthorized transfer or authorizing others to use the user's username and password), this website takes no responsibility. If a user suffers damage or cause damages to the Company or a third party, due to failure in protecting account and password, the user will assume the responsibility.


Goods distributed by this website to users are subject to rigorous testing and strict packaging. Without permission, third party has no right to view the specific name and number of goods purchased by users.


We hereby solemnly state that a user can choose not to use this website, but once a user chooses to use it, please bear all risks of network access.


If a user chooses to visit this website, the user's access and dispute over privacy are subject to the statement and our conditions of use, including restrictions on compensation, dispute resolution and the application of laws of the People's Republic of China.

VIII. The use of cache technology and information security
When a user registers or logs on this website, the website uses cache technology to store information in the computer that you use, visit user's personal preferences and using habits, in order to identify the user’s identity when the user uses this computer to log on next time, to provide users with more thoughtful and personalized services. Cache technology does not track personal information. Cache information from this website can only be read by this website. When a user uses services provided by this website, our servers automatically record some information by cache technology, including URL and IP addresses that a user visits, type of browser that user uses, language, and access date and time. User can also choose to reject our cache technology such as cookies. This website will stop this technology to provide users with services. User may be unable to use this website’s featured services or functions relying on this technology for this reason, and even be unable to ensure user's normal login. For this reason, we recommend user to set it as open.


1. The relevant information obtained through Cookie set on this website will apply this policy;
2. The cookies set up by companies releasing ads on this website in computer of user will be used according to their privacy policies;
3. Power to edit and delete personal information: user can click on the user’s personal center on the website to edit and delete user’s personal information, unless it is otherwise stipulated by the website. We usually retain a duplicate of original information after a user modifies user’s personal information.
In the process of information exchange, we encrypt information input by user through Secure Socket Layer, to strive to protect the security of user’s information.

IX. Copyright and trademark
In accordance with Chinese laws, the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company owns the copyright of all contents on this website (except product information published by users, including but not limited to: texts, images, software, graphics, audio & video, and audio contents, logo, layout, column directory, name, product classification, product description, product details, taste comment from Epermarket, nutrition facts, ingredients, suggested recipes/recommendations, wine introductions, brand story, text messages and e-mail contents, and this website’s foreground and background pages, all contents of system, etc.) and any other intellectual property rights involved in this website. All of this information or any part thereof may only be stored in computer used by members for personal and non-commercial purposes. Without the permission of the website, no person shall use, copy, or use for any other purpose, or use them on any goods or services not on this website, in any confusing manner or any derogatory or defamatory way. Other trademarks appeared on this website are the respective properties of trademark rights owners. Without written permission of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company or the trademark owner, any third party shall not use the aforesaid information marked on this website for commercial, profit-making, advertising and other purposes. Offenders will be held liable for legal responsibilities.


http://www.epermarket.com used by this website and other register domain names of this website, "Epermarket", and other registered trademarks belong to the Company and are subject to the protection of Chinese and international intellectual property laws. Without the permission of the Company, any units or individuals shall not use the aforesaid registered domain names, registered trademarks for confusing or ambiguous application. The names, related graphics and logos of the other products and services of this website are the proprietary logo of the Company. Without the permission of the Company, any unit or individual shall not use them without permission in any way (including but not limited to: copy, reproduce, edit, excerpt, dissemination, display, mirror image, etc.).


A user hereby grants permanent exclusive right (and have the right to sublicense) for free to this website to make this website have the right (in whole or in part) to copy, amend, adapt, publish, translate and display experience of users in using goods of this website, commodity discussions or pictures, and other kinds of information worldwide, or create derivative works, and / or include the aforesaid information into other works by any known or later developed form, media or technology, or cooperate with others to use them. The scope of use includes but not limited to websites, e-magazines, magazines, publications, etc. The author should be disclosed in use and the name marked when article is published shall prevail, excluding articles with attaching copyright statement. 


The copyrights of the articles and pictures published by user on this website (including articles and photographs shared) belong to the original author. If the author has copyright statement or the original article has attaching copyright statement since being posted from other websites, the attaching statement shall prevail for ownership of copyright. User is obliged to inform this website of the attaching copyright statement of the articles, pictures, and links published or reproduced thereby, otherwise, any disputes arising from copyright royalty shall be borne by the user and shall have nothing to do with this website.


Any copyright articles reproduced and cited to be published on this website must comply with the following specifications: 
1. Mark the author and the origin of article and picture as “Epermarket” or http://www.epermarket.com for non-commercial, non-profit-making, non-advertising purposes. 
2. Be subject to consent of the original author of article or picture commercial, profit-making, advertising purposes, and mark the author’s name, authorization scope, and the source as “Epermarket” or www.epermarket.com.
3. Any modification and deletion of article or picture shall maintain the original meaning of the author and be subject to consent of the author, with the authorization scope indicated.


X. Means of communication
When a user visits this website or sends us an e-mail to contact us electronically, it means that the user agrees to accept our information by electronic means, including SMS. We will contact with user through e-mail, by issuing notice on this website or sending SMS, to send the user relevant commercial and non-commercial information including membership information, order information, goods and service information of this website, etc. All agreements, notices, disclosure, and other information that the user agrees to provide to user by the aforesaid manner are in line with such communication, in written form, and in compliance with the statutory requirements. If the website is able to demonstrate that the above information has been sent to the user in the aforesaid form, or we immediately post such notice on this website, it will be deemed that the user has received all agreements, statements, disclosures and other information.


This website will make relevant statement, notice, or warning through online announcements, e-mail and SMS alerts in various ways for certain services. Such contents are regarded as a part of this Agreement. Please read carefully. If user continues to use related services of this website, it will be regarded that the user agrees to comply with the contents of such statements, notices or warnings.

XI. Formation of ordering contract, order acceptance and change 
1. The website will strive to provide accurate product information for our members, but due to objective reasons, information displayed on the website page may have certain lag or errors. The user is aware of and understands this situation.
2. Goods information such as price, quantity, availability of goods on this website may change at any time according to actual situation, without prior notice from this website.
3. Goods, prices and other information displayed on this website are only invitation to offer. User’s order is regarded as offer. Please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, specification, contact address, telephone, and information of recipient for goods ordered, before ordering. Upon receipt of order from the user, the website will send internal notice or email confirming receipt of such order. However, such recognition does not constitute any commitment to the order contents by this website. The two sides have not established a contractual relationship. Only when this website directly sends the goods ordered by a user thereto from the warehouse (leaving the warehouse as a sign), it will be regarded that the user and this website have established a contractual relationship on the goods sent; if a user orders a variety of goods in one order and this website has sent some goods to the user, the user and this website have established a contractual relationship on the part of goods sent; prior to the establishment of the contractual relationship, this website is entitled to refuse some or part of offers of a user according to actual situation (such as out of stock, etc.), at that time, this website will contact with the user as soon as possible and inform the user of relevant circumstances. If the user has paid part or full payment of the goods, this website will arrange refund involved in the corresponding amount as soon as possible.
4. Price of each piece of goods has included tax (in accordance with the statutory tax rate), excluding shipping charges which will be otherwise settled according to different order amount, delivery time, manner, and other requirements.
5. This website is entitled to limit the order quantity of goods. User’s ordering is regarded as being responsible for the authenticity of all information provided in the order.

XII. Dissolution and termination of website services
A user can apply for interruption or termination of one or several services on this website. When a user applies for cancellation of the membership account on this website, this website will cancel the account, upon examination and approval by this website, and then the service agreement relationship between the user and this website is terminated.


But even if the user account has been canceled, this website still reserves the following rights:
1. The website is entitled to retain the user’s registration data and trading records prior to cancellation;
2. If a user has illegal activities or behaviors violating this agreement on the trading platform of this website prior to cancellation, this website still can exercise the rights under this Agreement.


Under the following circumstances, the website is entitled to interrupt or terminate one or more services provided to users at any time, or even cancel the user's member account, without any notice. After the deduction of losses caused by the user to the website (if any), this website will refund the corresponding part of funds paid by the user for the service. Apart from this, this website will assume no responsibility.


1. A user is in violation of the laws or the relevant stipulations of the service agreement;
2. After this website terminates provision of services to a user, this user directly or indirectly, registers as a user of this website again or in the name of another person;
3. This website finds out that the e-mail address that the user filled in registration does not exist or is unable to receive emails, when this website contacts with the user through the information provided by user. However, upon notification of the website by other contact ways for change, the user still fails to provide a new email address within five working days;
4. The website finds out that the main contents of materials or information provided by the user, such as the registration data, are false, or the user is a person without civil capacity, a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, or an organization without legal license;
5. At the termination or renewal of the service agreement, the user expressly states unwillingness to accept the new service agreement;
6. As required by the department in charge;
7. A user lends, transfers, or sells the account on the website to a third party (this website takes no responsibility for all the consequences arising from lending and transferring the account on this website to others or purchase other’s account on this website);
8. Malicious order and causing damage to the interests of this website, by taking advantage of this website's rule loophole and website vulnerabilities;
9. The website receives third-party complaints and the third party presents corresponding evidences;
10. In the event of force majeure, system failure or third-party attack, and the other conditions out of the control of this website;
11. Cases judged by this website to be against the principle of fairness and good faith, for example, a user repeatedly rejects receipt of goods for no reason;
12. Other special circumstances that the website deems as failing to conform with the overall demand for services and requires for termination of service.


When a user’s member account on the website is canceled, he will lose the corresponding membership. For loss of the user’s membership, the user cannot claim for any rights or claims for compensation against this website.

XIII. Notes on return, replacement and refund
Goods sold on this website are in line with national laws, regulations, and standards, and are regular high-quality goods (related quality certification is available on this website). In order to protect the interests of users and to provide users with sound shopping experience, we provide users with good delivery service through our own logistics teams.


Return policy: please make choice cautiously when purchasing goods from this website, be sure to carefully check whether the category, quantity, specifications, gifts, and amount of goods are consistent with the order, whether the packaging is complete (in particular, goods easy to break and frozen goods), and sign for receipt after confirming accuracy. This website promises to conduct return and replacement procedures within X days after user’s receipt of goods ordered, if the user requests for return of goods since he is unsatisfied with the goods, purchases the goods by mistake, or purchases more goods, under the premise of completed purchase receipts, instructions, warranty certificate, complete invoice, clean commodity packaging, unopened, gifts (if there are gifts when purchasing) and related accessories, without affecting the second sale.

1. Any goods not sold on this website (serial number of commodity does not match);
2. Exceeding the effective return and replacement (accepting) term of this website;
3. Goods have been used (opened goods are deemed as having been used; except for quality problems) or wearing and tearing due to normal use;
4. Goods are damaged and get bad, due to improper keeping by man, breaking of goods, or failure to store as required;
5. The returned goods is incomplete; the packaging of goods is damaged; accessories and users' manual are incomplete; or any document such as warranty, certificate, and invoice is missing or altered;
6. Sample, goods dispatched, and gifts cannot be returned;
7. Foods, goods sold at special offer, and promotional goods cannot be returned upon receipt, without quality problems;


Special notes:
1. A part or a single product of a complete set of goods (such as gift boxes and packs) can not be returned, instead, the complete set of goods should be returned.
2. Goods, if with accompanying gifts, should be returned with the gifts. But gifts do not need to be returned for replacement. Refer to the delivery list or contact with customer service for details of gifts.
3. The photos and information provided on this website are only for reference. Shooting lights and color difference of different displays may cause slight color difference between the pictures and real objects of individual goods. The real object shall prevail.
4. When a user requests to return goods due to quality problems, he should provide the website with written quality identification issued by local quality inspection departments in Shanghai.
5. Usually, we only accept once return and replacement for goods which could be returned and replaced.
6. User’s entrust signing to another person shall be regarded as receipt by the user himself.
7. For return of goods for no reason except quality problems, we may reduce consumer credibility of the user.


Return methods: if a user, in the receipt of goods, finds out serious damage to external packing and damage to the goods, missing number, damage to goods, incorrect specifications, goods quality problem, and other problems, please sign your name on the bills in three parts, while marking damage, and contact with customer service via phone for return and replacement of goods. For goods with plastic packaging or sticker which would be damaged upon opening of box, a user should not reject the goods, if he has opened the plastic packing or torn the sticker which would be damaged upon opening of box, excluding shortages, errors or quality problems.


Returning goods:
1. Please find the order in the member center on the website, select the goods to be returned, describe return and replacement, provide pictures of return and replacement, and submit application for return and replacement (please specify the names of original goods and replacing goods for replacement);
2. The website will, after confirming the application is within the return and replacement acceptance period (unacceptable if exceeding the arrival date for more than N days; the date on the bills in three parts shall prevail for time, including the very day), send text messages to notify the user to send the goods for return and replacement to the warehouse of this website in a timely manner (within 72 hours) by express delivery;
3. Cost of freight should be charged for original order which does not meet the freight-free conditions after return and replacement;
4. The freight arising from returning goods via express delivery for return of goods due to quality problems within the return and replacement acceptance period will be returned to the personal account of the user on this website. The support value and expense arising from the item on the day will not be undertaken;
5. The freight for return and replacement of goods due to reasons other than quality problem shall be undertaken by the user. Or inspector will be arranged to confirm return of goods;
6. The returned goods must have a good packaging (including package filler and external packing box or packaging bags). The packing materials that this website used in delivery are recommended to be re-used for return. If there is sound of collision or small items scattered in the package, please be sure to put enough filler to avoid the goods from suffering any losses during the process of sent back to the warehouse, thus affecting the user’s situation handling.


In order to ensure the interests of members, please contact with us for return and replacement after thoughtful thinking. Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, this website reserves the ultimate interpretation and restriction right for the principle of return and replacement. A user’s submission of order shall be regarded as acceptance of this website’s rules on return and replacement.

XIV. The rights and obligations of this website 
1. This website is obliged to provide qualified goods to a user according to the services selected thereby and the funds paid therefore; to maintain normal operation of the online trading platform with the existing technology; and to strive to enhance and improve technology to ensure smooth online trading activities of members.
2. This website should promptly respond to the questions and reflections on trading or registration encountered and proposed by members in registration and use of the online trading platform.
3. This website is entitled to use user’s information and users agree to let the website release various public service or commercial advertising information, publicity materials or other relevant information through various means (including but not limited to page advertising, email advertising, entrained advertising, etc.) thereto.
4. The website is entitled to review user and decide whether to accept the user to become a member of this website, or whether to have a particular transaction with member.
5. This website reserves the right to terminate provision of services to a member and terminate member account, when the member violates national and local laws and regulations or the online registration terms. And in any case, the website takes no responsibility for any indirect, incidental, special and following damages.

XV. Limitation of liability
In any case, including the legal principles that may apply, such as tort law, contract law, strict liability, etc., the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company and its affiliates, employees, directors, officers, agents, and suppliers will assume limited responsibility for indirect specific or accidental loss or damage proposed by users or any other third party. The abovementioned losses or damages are essentially caused by access to or use of this website, or failure to visit or use this website, including but not limited to, the reduction of profits, damage of goodwill, loss of data, interruption of work, computer failure, etc. No matter such losses are explicitly notified by user or we should have known such losses, the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company undertakes responsibility up to the expenses paid by the user within the first six months for goods purchased via visiting or using this website relating to the claim. The responsibility restriction term will be applicable within the maximum extent permitted by laws and will still be effective after the user’s membership is revoked or terminated.

XVI. Disclaimer
1. Do not promise for guarantee and liability restriction
Unless as otherwise expressly explained in writing, all the information, content, materials, products (including software) and services included on this website or provided by this website via other ways are provided by the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company on the basis of “according to the current status” and “according to the existing situation”. Unless as otherwise expressly explained in writing, the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company does not make any form of express or implied statements or guarantees for the information, contents, materials, products (including software) or services ran by or included in this website (except as otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China). User expressly agrees to undertake risk of using this website.


2. Within the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company does not promise warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, meeting specific purposes, and failing to infringe other’s rights. The Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company and its associated enterprises do not promise that all the information, content, materials, products (including software), services, and emails sent by its servers or from this website included on this website or provided by this website via other ways have no virus or other injurious ingredients. Unless as otherwise explicitly explained, the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company assumes no liability for damage arising from all the information, content, materials, products (including software), and services provided thereby for use of this website, included, or provided by this website via other ways, or purchase and use of products (unless as stipulated by laws of the People’s Republic of China), including but not limited to direct, indirect or incidental punitive and consequential damages.


This website does not ensure that the following matters: The website must meet the needs of users; this website is not interrupted due to interference, provides services in a timely manner, is safe and reliable, and is free of error; any service, information or other materials obtained through this website will meet user’s expectations. User should, at its own discretion, decide to download or obtain any materials for use of the service, and assume risks by himself. This website does not assume any responsibility for any damage to computer system or loss of materials due to downloading of any materials. The website reserves the right to modify or discontinue the network services without notifying client. This website assumes no responsibility for losses and impact arising from network service interruption or other defects caused by network conditions, communication lines, force majeure, and other reasons beyond the control of this website, but it will take necessary measures to minimize the loss and impact.


3. Product information disclaimer
The descriptions of goods on this website are all from the manufacturers of the goods. In some cases, manufacturers of goods might adjust product packaging, thus the packing of goods actually purchased by users might be different from pictures or descriptions displayed on our website. Therefore, we are unable to make any promises or assurances for accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of all information of goods. We strongly recommend users to carefully read the product labels, warnings and instructions, before use of goods, and not to use them in accordance with the information on this website. If users need to know further information about the goods, please contact with manufacturers of these products. This website does not assume any responsibility for accuracy of information of products from manufacturers or possibility of misleading. And this website does not make promises or assurances for goods on behalf of manufacturers.


4. Color
We will do our best to ensure that the colors of goods are truly displayed on the website. But the colors of goods that the user can see depend entirely on users’ displays. We can not guarantee that users’ displays can accurately display every color. The color of actual product will prevail.


This website is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and following damage arising from member’s improper or illegal use of services, online transactions, or change in information sent by member. This website is not liable for any others’ threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal contents or conducts or violation of the rights of others (including intellectual property rights); or any contents sent by any third party through service or any contents contained in the services.

XVII. Dispute resolution and applicable laws
The validity, interpretation, and implementation of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and standards of computer and internet industry (excluding rules of conflicts). In the event of conflict between the service terms of this website and Chinese laws, such terms shall be fully re-interpreted by laws and regulations, while other terms shall continue to be valid. Both sides should firstly resort to friendly consultations for any disputes occurred in the performance of this Agreement; where negotiation fails, either party is entitled to file lawsuits to the people's court in the place where the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company is located. In case a user has violated or threatened violation of the intellectual property rights of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company or its associated enterprises in any manner, we can apply for injunction or other appropriate judicial relief from courts with jurisdiction in China, and user agrees with the court’s exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction location.


The headings of the provisions of this Agreement are for reference only, rather than any restrictions or explanation to this agreement. No action for user's behavior in violation of the terms of the agreement does not mean that we give up relevant rights or produce any restrictions on our future exercise of relevant rights.

XVIII. Force majeure
1. When these terms are impossible, unnecessary or meaningless to be performed due to force majeure or other unforeseen events, the party suffering force majeure and accidental events assumes no responsibility.
2. Force majeure and accidental events refer to objective events which cannot be foreseen, cannot be overcome, and cannot be avoided, and cause significant impact on one party or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, pestilence, and storm, as well as social events such as war, unrest, and governmental action.
3. A user agrees that the website assumes no responsibility for losses caused to user or third party by particularity of internet, hacker attacks, Internet connectivity interruption or system failure, and other force majeure events.

XIX. Modification and severability of the terms of the agreement
This website is entitled to modify relevant terms of this Agreement when necessary. In case of changes, it will prompt a user to modify the content by appropriate means. Therefore, we recommend that users should always check the terms of this Agreement. Revised agreement will automatically and immediately take effect upon releasing on this website. All kinds of rules will take effect upon publication and also become a part of this Agreement. Modification to and change in these terms will be included in the updated rules of this website. The above-mentioned changes are severable. If some changes or conditions are found to be invalid by authority agency, it does not affect the validity of the other changes or conditions, does not affect the validity of other terms, or does not affect the validity and enforceability of relevant agreement on the interpretation of the provisions of the service agreement, responsibility of breach of contract, and dispute resolution. If a user has objections against the contents modified, the user can choose to take initiative to cancel membership on this website. If a user continues to enjoy the services of this website, it is deemed that the user has accepted the modified terms of the agreement and will comply therewith. The website reserves the right to modify its service system and goods prices at any time, and not to otherwise notify users, except publicity on this website.


A party changing notification, mailing address or other contact information should inform the other party of the changed address and contact ways in a timely manner from the date of change. Otherwise, the changing party should assume responsibility for all the consequences arising therefrom. A user agrees that releasing of notice on relevant pages of this website shall be deemed as serving on the user.


A user agrees that this website can transfer its rights and/or obligations to corresponding bearer of this website’s rights and/or obligations, for this website’s listing, being acquired, merger with a third party, change in name, and other causes.


A user once again guarantees that he has completely read, understood and carefully considered the aforesaid terms and conditions of online shopping membership agreement, voluntarily to formally enter into this website’s online member registration process and accept constraints of all the terms and agreed conditions of the agreement.



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