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Payment Methods


Upon delivery, you will receive an order invoice. Please check your order, sign to verify acceptance, and then the delivery driver will return a copy to you.


Online Payments - Account Balance
Paying for your order using this option couldn’t be simpler. Under ‘Payment Method’, check the box next to ‘Available Account Balance’ to use your balance to pay for your order. If you do not have enough in your balance for the entire order, you can still choose this payment method and select one of the other options to pay the remaining balance.


There are 3 ways that funds are added to your Account Balance:

1.  When you shop at Epermarket, you earn rewards – 5% back after your third order and 1% back after that. Funds will be added to your balance within 5-7 business days after your order is delivered.

2.  Purchase an Epercard to top up your balance

3.  Refunds


To learn more about Epercards and how to use them, click here.


Online Payments
When paying online with your bank card, you will be re-directed to a website to complete the payment process. Once your transaction is successful, Epermarket will be notified of your payment submission. Epermarket does not have access to any of your private account information.


Accepted online payment methods:  VISA, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat Pay and PayPal.


Payment on Delivery (Shanghai Only)
You can pay with cash or card upon receiving your order. UnionPay, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express accepted. Please note that when using our Payment on Delivery service, the POS card machine may not occasionally work due to communication problems.


Using Coupons
To use your coupon, make sure to enter the correct code in the ‘Organization & Coupon Codes’ box (located on the Payment Page), then click confirm before submitting your order. Only one coupon or organization code can be used per order and may not be combined. Coupons must be used at the time when you are placing your order online, and may NOT be used at the point of delivery.

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