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Necessities & Favorites

We all have items and brands that we love and regularly purchase. Don’t have time to sift through our 7,000+ products to find your must-haves or something that caught your eye in the past? Now you don’t have to!

Necessities are your most-often purchased products, all in one convenient list. If you’re like us and always have certain items that you always order, you can easily add them to your basket from your Necessities list to shave off a bit of time when shopping!

Your Necessities list can easily be accessed from the “My Account” dropdown menu or through the Member Center>My Favorites>Necessities.




To view your Necessities list, click here.


Have a favorite item you buy all the time, saw an EperRecipe that you’d like to try, or maybe there’s a product on our website that you’d like to buy at a later time?

With your Favorites, you can save all your favorite products and EperRecipes in one convenient location by simply clicking the heart icon on the individual product or recipe page – you can even easily add any product to your shopping cart from your Favorite list by clicking the shopping cart icons!


What are your favorites? To see them, click here or go to Member Center>My Favorites to view your saved products and recipes.



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