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Getting Around

Let’s be honest. We have a lot of products on our website, and you probably don’t have the time to give a detailed look at all 8,000+ of them on your first visit.
One of the ways we try to help you shop smarter with us is with icons. Some icons are used to relate messages in regards to dietary needs while others are used to communicate additional product or delivery information.
To help you get around, we’ve created this list to help familiarize you with our ‘Eper-isms’ and icons:



EperSelect: Our very own line of high-quality products that are hand-selected by us, many of which are rare or hard to find in China.

Exclusive: All of our Exclusive products are hard-to-find products in China. Some of them are unique meat cuts while others are brand names that you know and love from home. Chosen with your needs in mind, we have gone out of our way to source these special products to help make your life a little bit simpler.
Freshest Selection: Fresh, never before frozen imported meat. We were one of the first online supermarkets to be able to offer this - up until recently, all imported meat had to be frozen.
Premium Quality: Every item with this label is really the best of the best – after careful taste-testing and comparison with what’s available on the market, we wanted to distinguish these products from others on our website for their exceptional taste, texture and color.


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