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Leave My Order at the Door

Not sure if you will be available when our driver arrives? Worry no more! We have implemented a new function to make your life easier. You will now able to select your preferred delivery slot and request to leave your order at the door. Feel safe in the knowledge that your fresh and frozen items will be carefully stored for you in cooler and carton boxes upon your arrival.
How it works
At the checkout page, you will be able to select two options if you wish to have your order left at the door:
Option 1
Have your groceries left in cooler and delivery boxes – This option requires a 50 RMB delivery fee that covers the boxes used to store your groceries and it will be added to your shopping cart as an additional fee. On your next order, give all the boxes back to our driver and once returned we will credit 50 RMB to your Epermarket account.
This option is available for pre-paid orders only.
Option 2
Have your groceries left in insulated bags - Free. We strongly recommend you to select this option only if you will be unavailable for just a short time as insulated bags keep items cool for only a limited time.
Q & A
What happens if I don’t select any of these options and I’m not available when the driver arrives?

Our packing team has different procedures for orders that can be left at the door and for the ones that are delivered directly to you. If these options are not selected your fresh and frozen items will be left in insulated bags. Delivery and cooler boxes will not be available for your delivery. Kindly take into consideration that insulated bags keep items cool for only a short period of time.
Why is a deposit fee needed for Option 1?
When Epermarket first launched, one of the objectives was to support green initiatives and continue our push for sustainability in China. For this reason, the deposit fee represents our efforts to reduce plastic and paper waste, as the deposit fee is returned to customers when these boxes are brought back for recycling. 
Can I request for a refund if I only return one of the boxes that were previously delivered to my doorstep? 
We will need to have all the boxes returned to us when you request for a refund.
Does my 50 RMB deposit cover just one or multiple cooler and/or delivery boxes?
Your deposit fee will cover all boxes delivered to your door.
Will I need to pay for a new deposit every time I forget to leave my box(es) at the door?
If you select Option 1, you will need to pay a new deposit for the boxes.
If you forget to leave your box(es), simply leave all your boxes with your next order and we will refund you for all the deposits that were initially paid.  
Do I need to notify Epermarket when I wish to return my box(es) and request a refund?

No. After you return your box; our driver will notify our customer service team. You should receive your refund within 1 business day.

What happens if my order is not at the door when I return home?

Your delivery will be in safe hands when it is delivered to your door. However, please ensure that the area where your order will be delivered is in a secure location
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