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Eco-Friendly Packaging


At Epermarket, our commitment to sustainability is how we help protecting the planet and investing in the future. We know that you care about packaging and its impact on the environment, and we strive to make it as thoughtfully designed and environmentally friendly as possible! Our goal is to help you to take another step toward sustainable living. You may have already noticed some changes in our packaging last year, when we reduced the number of plastic bags by using more eco-friendly and recycled paper ones.







In 2018, we have introduced our new biodegradable bags which can break down into natural materials in the environment without causing any harm! We use 3 different types of colored bags to help you differentiate your order and prevent cross-contamination: Blue for Frozen, Green for Refrigerated, and Orange for Chemical Products.

Recycle With Us!

Please continue to support our recycling program by placing your extra plastic delivery bags and recyclables in an Epermarket delivery bag to give to your driver with your next order, and let’s all make an effort to be more green! 

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