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Durable & More Eco-Friendly Packaging

In our efforts to grow our EperGreen program, we have begun to look into ways to reduce the amount of packaging and waste associated with products and delivery. You may have noticed some changes with our delivery packaging, such as a more durable and reusable transport solution and reducing the number of plastic bags in exchange for more eco-friendly recycled paper ones. 
We know that some of you love our cardboard delivery boxes (they’re fantastic for moving!), no need to worry - should you find yourself in need of one, they are available for purchase on our website here.
Why are we still using plastic?  
While we prefer to use paper bags when we can, there are certain items that are not best suited to it. Heavy products or items that may leak or create moisture (such as refrigerated or frozen products) can weaken the paper bags and make them more likely to tear or break, and nobody wants that.
Recycle With Us!
Please continue to support our recycling program by placing your extra plastic delivery bags and recyclables in an Epermarket delivery bag to give to your driver with your next order, and let’s all make an effort to be more green! To learn more, click here.


Did you know? We use 3 different types of colored bags to help you differentiate your order and prevent cross-contamination: Blue for Frozen, Green for Refrigerated, and Clear for Liquids & Heavy Items!
If you have questions or comments about our new packaging, please feel free to contact us.


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