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How We Choose Our Suppliers

Product quality, safety and diversity starts at the source, our suppliers. From the beginning, even before it enters our warehouse, we are careful and very selective about where our products come from and how they have been handled along the way. It is not always easy to find all the products we want that match our standards, and our International Product Team works tirelessly to find your favorite products and select suppliers.

Our standards are secured by a professional process:  



We hand-select only the best and freshest produce from around the world, and we want our customers to know where we get all our products. Each product has its own unique page with more detailed information, such as origin, shelf life, and product descriptions. 


In addition to all these, any food products that are made in China must have QS (Chinese Quality & Safety Permit - formally the Industrial Product Manufacturing License) and any imported goods must have all the correct certifications and have gone through the proper procedures before even being considered as a potential product on our website.



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