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Epermarket has selected 36 farms that are organic and/or ecologically friendly. These farms carefully select seasonal products and provide our customers with fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the country.


We believe farmers are the key to our success. Without them, we couldn't deliver high-quality, responsibly sourced produce that our customers demand. And with the launch of our Fair Price Guarantee 2020, we have built trusted supply chains to ensure we have control of the production, which then helps us to support farmworkers, optimize the cost, and offer affordable fruits and vegetables to our customers. 


Our trusted supply chain ensures that we are providing the highest standards of food production, as well as a fair return on investment back to our farms. It also ensures that all workers are fully protected and equally compensated. Epermarket’s contract with these cooperative farms indicates that 40% of revenues will be used to pay our farmworkers, which will help to provide them with a stable income.


Through this cooperation, we are able to support farms that were facing social and economic challenges. Today, all workers, including women, are treated equally and well-compensated. This also extends to ensuring that child labor is prohibited. Additionally, the result of these efforts will help farmers operate their business in ways that enhance the environment in the workplace as well as the quality of the products they provide us with.


Thus, our fair trade not only rewards best practices but also guarantees the high standards we and our customers expect. Meanwhile, our investments have also helped to ensure that work involving soil management, crop production, and animal welfare helps support farmers to be more sustainable. At the same time, farmers also provide Epermarket with high-quality agricultural products in return, so that each and every one of our customers receive safe, healthy, and delicious produce from all over the country.


Some examples of cooperative farm products include Shanghai Xiaomao Strawberries (the winner of the "blind test" at Shanghai Baihe Strawberry Festival for seven years), Gansu Madaifu Apples (Eper Charity Project), and Xinjiang Peaches & Apricots (produced in Xinjiang's core production area).


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