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Our Mission & Values


Our Mission

To provide the expatriate community with the products they miss from a place they can trust. We strive to achieve the highest quality and safety standards in the world and are a proud leader of transparency and sustainability in China.


Our Values

Our mission is defined in 5 core values that shape the company’s daily operations as much as the long-term strategy: Green Initiatives, Transparency & Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Community Involvement, and Loyalty Benefits. Those core values are reflected in everything we do, such as our Green Eper environmental initiative, cooperation with different community groups, companies, charities, and much more.


Green Initiatives
We care about the environment! We are doing all we can to help conserve the planet we live on through our green initiative named Green Eper. Our customers participate by sending us back recyclable items with each order they receive. We’ve teamed up with Roots & Shoots’ Million Tree Project, which does great work to help reverse desertification in Inner Mongolia. We not only carry an excellent selection of seasonal organic produce, but we also offer many other organic food items as well as eco-friendly tissues and organic household cleaners, soaps, and laundry detergents. Keep your eyes peeled for other future green initiatives and contact us if you’d like to get involved with Green Eper.


Transparency & Sustainability
We want our customers to know where we get all our products. We hand select only the best and freshest products from around the world and perform routine farm checks to ensure quality standards are consistently being upheld and maintained. Our product specialists conduct taste tests to ensure every item that ends up on our shelves meets our high standards. Always on the lookout for new and better products, we believe that having a long lasting business relationship with our suppliers and partners is what keeps our company stable and sustainable.


Social Responsibility
We love giving back to the community! We support local organizations such as Roots & Shoots’ Million Tree Project and Second Chance Animal Aid, and we are trying to do more every day. Contact us if you’re interested in working together to make our future better and brighter.


Community Involvement
We enjoy supporting the community in China, especially the expat community. We work with many different associations including the American Club Shanghai, Cercle de Francophone de Shanghai, Union des Français à l’Etranger (UFE), the German Club, Shanghai Expat Association and the Community Center Shanghai. For example, just this past fall, Epermarket was the official wine sponsor for the Community Center’s annual Gala for the second year in a row. In addition to our strong ties with various community groups, we also attend numerous international school events around town because we love to stay in touch with our customers and partners!


Loyalty Benefits
We love to reward our most loyal customers. Some of our previous VIPs have enjoyed exclusive deals such as 1,000 RMB Epercard contest prizes, free gifts, and cooking classes with locally renowned chefs! We also have a rewards system where we give customers 1% back on each order they place. Make sure to stay connected with us, because we’re always got new and exciting ideas to show our customers how much we appreciate them!


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