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Alpen, Swiss Style Muesli - Original 375g
Alpen, Swiss Style Muesli - Original 375g
Product Code : WZ05310026
Brand : Alpen
Origin : United Kingdom
Price/Kg : ¥113.2/kg
Packaging specification : 375g
Constant temperature  Shelf life 360 day(s)
Price : ¥29.00
Product Description

Brand Description

Alpen belongs to the Weetabix Food Company - the second largest branded manufacturer of cereals and cereal bars in the United Kingdom. Based in Northamptonshire, UK, its family of brands includes Weetabix, Alpen, Readybrek, Weetos, Oatibix and Alpen cereal bars. The Weetabix brand has been manufactured and sold in the UK since 1932; today it is the UK’s number one selling, most trusted and most recommended cereal and is one of Britain’s most iconic brands.

Product Description

Alpen Original is the original Swiss style muesli, packed full of the finest ingredients and delicious muesli taste. Alpen only select the very best natural ingredients – juicy raisins to help provide fibre, crunchy nuts, creamy rolled oats and crispy wholegrain wheat flakes – that help provide energy to start your day the right way.


Whole wheat (37%), whole grain oats(34%) , raisins (12.5%),White granulated sugar,Dehydrated skimmed milk powder,Dried whey,Roasted nuts Trailer(2.5%) ( hazelnut and almond ), maltodextrin, salt.


营养成分表 nutrition information
项目/item 每100克/per100g 营养素参考值%/NRV%
能量/energy 1597 kJ 19%
蛋白质/protein 11.0 g 18%
脂肪/fat 5.8 g 10%
-饱和脂肪/saturated fat 0.8 g 4%
碳水化合物carbohydrate 67.0 g 22%
-糖/sugar 23.0 g  
膳食纤维/dietary fiber 7.0 g 28%
钠/sodium 110 mg 6%

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